Cars And Truck Business React To Decline In Sports Cars And Truck Sales

In an age of American pragmatism, the pure of excess of two seater sports cars with their gas guzzling V8 engines has been in decline for decades. Part of the reason for this is the Americans are no longer willing to put 40 to 50 thousands dollars down on a car the sole function of which is to look cool when you drive it down the road. While Americans are still attracted to speed and power, both of which sports cars have in abundance, the trend has been toward bigger and stronger, and away from faster and lighter. How has this impacted the auto manufacturer's approach making and marketing sports cars?

�Well with cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata,� says one market analyst from St. Louis, �you�re going to get a sports style car at about half the price of a regular sports car. The idea is to imbue the car with same mystique and feel, they�re still two seaters, it�s a convertible, it�s lightweight, but it doesn�t have the v8 engine. In other words it looks like a sports car, it feels like a sports car, but it doesn�t have the souped up engine traditional sports car have, and the price tag and fuel efficiency are much better too.�

For a lot of car companies, producing a sports car is no longer a top priority for the brand. As sales have declined in an economy of consumers more inclined to invest in luxury sedans and luxury SUVs, the sports car has taken a backseat to functionality, performance, and versatility.

�Demographically, the folks that are investing most in buying new cars are still families, and this has been the case for several decades. Sedans, smaller cars, and everything else have taken a backseat to the SUV market. That has a lot to do with the versatility, cabin space, passenger space, and luxury features of these vehicles.�

For those that do like sports cars, there are website now more affordable options. They�re still pretty to look at, but they don�t have the same sports performance engine as their predecessors, and can thus be offered at far more reasonable rates.

�Not only that,� he continued, �but the vast majority of sports cars get terrible gas mileage. A car like the Mazda MX-5 Miata is going to get 30 miles per gallon or better in the city, so in many ways it�s the best of all worlds. You get a stylish, sleek looking car that handles great, is safe to drive, and isn�t going to cost you a small fortune. The MX-5 Miata runs about $24 to $27 thousand dollars, and again it�s going to save you money at the pump. Car companies are keying in on the fact that most folks aren�t going to use a sports car as their primary vehicle, so if they�re going to invest in one it�s going to have to be affordable.�

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